Hi everyone, recently I have been working on a new macrame technique to make a DNA bracelet (I don’t know if this is what the technique is actually called but it is what it looks like to me!).

making a macrame diy dna bracelet in hemp cord

It is really simple to do, it uses the spiral macrame knot which I have a tutorial on here. Instead of knotting with a single pair of cords, two pairs are used and the colours alternated after each knot. The main trick is to make sure the knots are tight so they don’t come loose when you are knotting the other set of cords.

macrame diy dna bracelet in hemp cord

This bracelet is made from black and white hemp cord (1mm diameter) but I have also been using s-lon and satin cord. I am thinking of doing some with neon coloured s-lon but worried that the colours might make my eyes water a bit when I am making it!