After using clear resin with metallic flakes and gemstones I have now tried using coloured resin. I think the results are really pretty but I definitely need some practice with mixing colours and pouring the resin into the mould! Especially if I don’t want to make a mess!

P1020302eThe mould I used was made from silicon and had bits of silicon that stuck up so when the pendants were pulled out they have a ready made hole for jump rings or cord. The mould shapes are flat rather than domed so the pieces are reversible and look slightly different on each side. In the pendent below, I used violet resin in the top bit and metallic flakes in clear resin on the bottom. The silver flakes are so shiny you can see my orange camera reflected in them!

Although I tried to get an ombre effect in one of the circle pendents it didn’t quite work and the colour change is a bit abrupt. I filled the mould up with half coloured and half clear resin and tried mixing the two together with a toothpick. Next time I think I will mix a lighter colour to go between the darkest colour and the clear resin and hopefully the colour will graduate a bit better.