I am finally back with a post about how to crochet with beads… two of my favourite crafts in one! Once you have got all your beads threaded on this technique works up really quickly and would be a great stash buster as it looks great with loads of different beads all together. Check out my pinterest for some inspiration and let me know if you try this!

PS: I haven’t included instructions on the crochet bits in this tutorial but there are loads of tutorials on youtube or other blogs if you need help getting started.

What You Need:

  • A cord or threading material of your choice (I have used satin cord here)
  • Beads – with a big enough hole to fit on your cord!
  • Crochet hook – I have used a 3.5mm here for my cord but try out a few to see which you like best, the smaller the cord the smaller the crochet hook you will probably use

crochet with beads what you need

How To:

  • First of all thread on your beads (this bit takes the longest!), remember it is always better to thread on more than you think you will need as you can’t add more on later
  • Make your slip knot onto your hook
  • Start to chain until you reach the point you want to add the first bead…
  • Push your bead up your hook
  • Carry on the next chain around it, I try and keep this chain quite tight
  • And repeat!

Once you have made a length of beaded crochet you can make it up into some jewellery by finishing it with some cord endings, an adjustable knot or simply tying the ends together. Below is a necklace I made with some s-lon cord, amber nuggets and czech glass beads. I made it really long (about 1.5m) so I can wear it in loads of different ways. This necklace is also available in my etsy shop if you don’t want to make your own!

Finally, if you need some more crochet jewellery inspiration check out my pinterest board.