Hi everyone, thought I would show you all a couple of photos of the AMAZING jewellery making kit I am currently working on… very slowly (but more about that later).

It is a macrame/kumihimo kit with some chunky wooden beads, baltic amber and gold glass beads. Then there is a couple of s-lon cords and gold findings. I am not usually a gold jewellery person but the colours in this kit are amazing. The only problem is it is one of those kits I love so much I don’t want to rush into making anything in case I ‘waste’ it!

So far I have started to make a necklace length kumihimo braid which should be small enough to thread some of the wooden beads onto. I also want to make a really long necklace with a couple of the wooden beads at the bottom and then finish it off with a tassel using the gold glass beads. In my head it looks amazing so I hope I can pull it off in real life.

The other thing I wanted to talk about today is Habitica. It is basically an app which makes your to do list into a game… which you can only play in a group. This means that if you don’t complete stuff on your list everyone in your group loses which acts as a pretty good incentive to get stuff done! I have found it has worked brilliantly for working at uni, I have finally stopped procrastinating and have started to get a lot of work on my thesis done. Unfortunately, at home it seems to be stopping me doing fun stuff like crafting. On the other hand I have been getting a lot of meditation and cleaning done! Maybe I need to making doing some sewing/jewellery making/cross stitch/crochet essential daily tasks!

Anyone else used Habitica? Got any hit or tips?