Hi everyone, I am back today (finally!) with a simple tutorial for making mobius rings. A mobius ring is probably one of the simplest chainmaille weaves and can be made in loads of different size jump rings. One of my older posts gives you an idea of other chainmaille weaves and pieces of jewellery. Mobius rings can be really easy to combine with other weaves and jewellery making techniques. If you want some inspiration on how to use your finished mobius rings you can check out my pinterest board:

What You Need

  • Some jump rings – 3 is the minimum number!
  • Two pairs of small pliers

what you need mobius chainmaille tutorial, pliers, jewellery making, jump rings


How To

1.   First of all open your first jumpring…

mobius tutorial 1

2.   Then place a closed jump ring on the open one like below (sorry for the blurry photo!) and close the second jump ring…

mobius tutorial 2

3.   Then open a third jump ring and place it through BOTH closed jump rings and close…

mobius tutorial 3

And you are done. Sometimes it takes a bit of fiddling to get the jump rings to sit right but you should have something that looks like this…


Mobius rings are great if you want to add something to a jump ring connector or you can use them in their own right. Here I have made some mobius rings and added a gemstone (labradorite of course!) to make a necklace and some earrings.


And here I have made some in a few different sizes and I have added five jump rings together for the largest one. You could then connect them up and they would make a great pair of earrings or pendant or connect loads together for a bracelet…

If you have any problems or questions let me know and I will try and help. You can also send me photos of anything you make and I will feature them in a post with a link to your blog! You should definitely give this technique a go! You can also check out my etsy shop for inspiration and to buy completed pieces of jewellery!