So I have started to create a collection of jewellery. Normally I tend to make random pieces of jewellery which don’t have matching or related pieces but wanted to try something a bit different. As I have built up a bit of a collection of apatite I decided this is what the collection will be built around. Also it is my favourite gemstone and I love working with it!



For anyone who hasn’t come across apatite before here are a few bits of info about this gemstone…

  • Obviously from the picture above it is a blue stone and comes in shades from neon apatite to a sky blue colour and also comes in green
  • It is a source of phosphorus so is also used in fertilser!
  • It is not a birthstone, day of the week stone or even a zodiac stone but…
  • It is a stone of the throat chakra and is also associated with the brow or third eye chakra

I have already started experimenting with a few new ideas for designs…


What do you think? Think I also need to have a proper plan for what I am actually going to make! And whether I will wait until I have made everything to put it up onto my etsy shop or put stuff up as I make it. I also need to work out how to do discount/coupon codes on etsy! At least I have a three day weekend to sort myself out!

Anyone else a big fan of apatite? Or have any experience of making and selling a jewellery collection? Let me know in the comments below!

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