Hey everyone, today I present a simple ribbon choker necklace DIY tutorial! This is a great DIY as it only takes about 15 minutes to do. I may be slightly behind the times (as always) but I have finally noticed all the choker necklaces that seem to be around at the moment. So I decided to make one from stuff I have in my craft stash…

What you will need:

what you will need for diy ribbon choker necklace

  • Some ribbon (probably at least 20cm)
  • Need and thread
  • Scissors
  • Sew on popper fastener

You could also use any type of fastener you have lying round like Velcro, buttons, hook and eye…

The DIY:

  1. Measure your neck and add 1 inch/2.5cm to this number cut the ribbon to this length (I had to cut 13inches). Cut the ribbon at an angle to stop it from fraying!
  2. Sew one half of the fastener onto one end of the ribbon
  3. Turn the ribbon over and sew the other part on. I tacked it on first to check the length, which was lucky as I started on the wrong side!
  1. Trim any excess ribbon off
  2. Voila! The finished necklace

You could probably even speed this up even more by gluing your fastener onto the necklace (just make sure you check the length first!). If you have a long ribbon lying around you could even just tie it around your neck with a pretty bow at the back (or front!)

Let me know if you try this out! And if you need anymore choker necklace inspiration check out this Pinterest board: