Hello everybody, welcome to my latest DIY/tutorial.  I really love drop earrings but never seem to wear them that much. I figure the more pairs I have the more likely I am to wear them though! This is for a pair of drop earrings using one round bead and one drop bead but you can link or more beads for a longer pair of earrings or just use one set of beads for something a bit simpler. Enjoy!

You will need:

  • Basic jewellery making tools – cutters, pliers, round nose pliers,
  • Pair of shepherd hook earring findings
  • Two round beads – I have used freshwater cultured pearls (I was feeling fancy!)
  • Two drop beads – I have used amethyst (they look like sweets!)
  • Four headpins


  1. Make a loop on one end of a headpin and thread your round bead on
  2. Make another loop on the other side

There is a great video tutorial here if you have never done this before

  1. Thread the drop bead on to a headpin (snip off the stopper end if you need to) and cross the wires over at the top
  2. Make a loop with one of the wire ends
  3. Wrap the remaining ends around the base of the loop a few times
  4. Snip off the bits sticking out

I definitely need more practice at this one! Anything vaguely wire-y is my nemesis! If you want to see a tidy tutorial then click here! To finish off:

  1. Open one of the loops on the round bead slight and thread the drop bead loop on and close the loop
  2. Open the earring finding loop
  3. Thread the drop bead loop on and close the earring loop.

And you are done!!

I hope you liked this tutorial! As always, let me know if you have any questions and let me know if there is any jewellery making DIY or tutorial you would like to see!