So it never really would have occurred to me to start blog if it wasn’t for my etsy shop so I thought it was about time I actually started writing about my jewellery. Anyone else feel really uncomfortable about self promotion? Its the same way I feel when I have to write/update my CV! I hope this is a bit of a stereotypical British thing rather than just a me thing :-S

I am currently justifying that it is okay as everyone likes looking at sparkly, shiny, pretty things and hopefully maybe even someone might get some inspiration to make something themselves! Let me know if you do.

Anyway here goes. This is a round up of everything that has gone up on my etsy shop in the last week. I hope you like them! You can click on the photo or link to buy.

Pearl and amethyst macrame bracelet – I am trying to get round to doing a whole range of these pearl bracelets in different colours, gemstones etc. This one has amethyst which is  the birthstone for February and Pisces as well as the birthday gemstone for Wednesday. It is also one of the gemstones associated with the brow and crown chakra (if you are into that!).

chunky green hemp cord friendship bracelet

Green hemp cord bracelet – ok, so I am just taunting you a bit with this one as it sold a couple of hours after I put it up! Hemp cord bracelets definitely seem to be the most popular thing I sell so I will probably be making a few more…

Coral hemp cord bracelet – …like this one in pinks/corals/reds!

Sterling Silver Star Chain Necklace – I REALLY love this star chain; it is so tiny and delicate. I already have three pieces of jewellery made of this stuff. It is meant to be a fairly tight necklace (almost a choker) but I am always happy to change the length to whatever anyone wants. There is also a bracelet using the same chain.

So that is it. Will be back on Monday with a DIY on how to make earrings! Thanks for reading x

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