I have recently been binge making loads of chainmaille jewellery pieces (for myself obviously!). It started when I got a kit to make Mum some pieces for Mother’s Day. I can’t believe I made all this from one kit (plus a few extra beads) which was around £15 from Jewellery Maker

chainmaille jewellery kit, necklace, bracelet, earrings, apatite, labradorite

Chainmaille wasn’t really something I had seen or heard of before I started making jewellery myself and I didn’t think I would like it until I actually tried it. It is made up jump rings connected together and the kits I have got so far have had a findings pack in so I can make everything go a bit further. Chainmaille is great to wear as well as it is so satisfyingly heavy!

Byzantine Weave

chainmaille, necklace, earrings, mobuis, labradorite

Mobius Rings


I don’t really know what this is called… looks a bit like a butterfly though

European 4-in-1, look at that labradorite go!

I hope you liked the photos! I might write a post or tutorial with a bit more detail on chainmaille and its history, let me know if you are interested to learn more!