Hi everyone, today I have a super simple, quick and easy tutorial for you – stretchy bracelets (and necklaces!). This tutorial only requires a couple of things:

  • some elastic
  • a bit of glue or nail polish
  • and most importantly BEADS!

Stretchy bracelet DIY, simple jewellery tutorial, beaded bracelets

This DIY is great if you have a broken beaded bracelet or necklace that you want to fix without much faff. In the UK The Works is a great place to get cheap beads from as well as more obvious places like Hobbycraft or the internet. I also always keep a look out at charity shops for bits of jewellery that I can take apart and recycle.

Once you have your beads here is how you do it:

  1. Cut your length of elastic to however long you want your bracelet/necklace to be plus a few inches so you can tie it easily. You can tie a knot in one end of the elastic to stop the beads falling off if you like
  2. Start threading!
  3. When you have the length you want tie a simple double knot in the elastic and add a splodge of glue or nail varnish to hold the knot in place
  4. Done!

Simple bracelets like these are great for layering up with other bracelets (like the macrame bracelets in this tutorial) and depending on what sort of beads you use they are good for all occassions! I have a couple that I wear everyday as they are so comfy and go with pretty much everything. As always, let me know if you have tried this DIY or have any questions/

Happy Beading!