So I spent the weekend back at my parents which for me is just an excuse to sit about making jewellery and even more importantly playing with my cat Polly. Here is she (looking super beautiful, obviously) with a couple crocheted toys I made her – an owl and a mouse. And I still love her even after she made several holes in my hand when we were playing 😀

I went on a massive hemp cord/macrame/kumihimo binge over the weekend and have made up loads of bracelets to go up on my Knotted Star Etsy Shop (once I have done the finishing touches!). Kumihimo especially is great for travelling with as all you need are your cords and a small kumihimo disc and the method for doing it is really therapeutic.

I have also recently branched out into doing kumihimo with gemstones. It gives a really chunky effect and a satisfyingly heavy piece of jewellery at the end of it! This gemstone is chrysoprase which is a variety of chalcedony which is a lovely green colour. It is a gemstone for the heart chakra and is also the zodiac birthstone for Libra. This gemstone is also associated with prosperity and is a birthstone for May. All the pieces below are currently for sale on my etsy shop!