So I had an interview last week and think I probably spent more time deciding what jewellery to wear than what clothes I should wear. This is partly because I only own one suit so I am quite limited anyway and quite a lot of the time I will pick what piece of jewellery I want to wear that day and then pick clothes to go with it (maybe this is completely the wrong way round compared to other people?!). Studies have shown that navy is the best colour to wear to interviews if anyone else has an interview coming up or is looking for a new suit. Anyway, so this is what jewellery I wore…

interview jewellery advice ideasRose quartz pendant and silver chain (handmade), tiny silver stud earrings (from Accessorize), my Fossil watch, rose quartz and apatite stretchy bracelets (handmade)

I am an engineer so try to keep the jewellery I wear to work as simple as possible anyway and this goes double for interviews! Firstly, I don’t want to confuse the men I am inevitably being interviewed by with too many sparkly, girly, colourful, shiny things and secondly (and a lot more seriously!) dangly, heavy jewellery and laboratories are not a good mix safety wise! I still think that jewellery is a great way to show off your personality in an interview when you have to wear a boring suit which is why I ignored all the advice on the internet and wore still wore my nose stud (this is about as rebellious as I get!).

I think one of my next tutorials will ย be how to make simple stretchy bracelets like the ones above. They take barely anytime at all to make (once you have chosen your beads…) and are a great way to make quick presents or re-use old broken jewellery if you love the beads and are great for layering with all the macrame bracelets that you have made (well, that I have made anyway :-S).