I knew it would happen. After posting two days in a row last week it has taken me nearly another week to do another post. But here I am now with part 3 of my macrame tutorials and this time we’re making a bracelet with beads in the centre…

Rose quartz simple macrame bracelet tutorial

So I am not a big pink fan but for some reason I love rose quartz and have been wondering what to do with these beads for a while and this seemed like the perfect project. This is how you make it, it is just building on the techniques you learnt from Part 1 and Part 2 of the tutorials.

What You Need

As we are adding beads into the centre of the bracelet we need a few extra bits:


  • A head pin or piece of wire long enough for your bead(s)
  • Round nosed pliers
  • Beads
  • Your cord (I have used a pink s-lon cord)
  • Ribbon end clasp (optional!)

Adding Beads to a Headpin


  1. Make a loop at the end of the headpin using the round nosed pliers
  2. Add your beads
  3. Make another loop at the other end of the headpin

If you haven’t done much jewellery making before here are some useful videos  to show you how to make your loops

Making the Bracelet


Now you can add your cords to the loops of the head pin using a larks head knot and start to macrame! Once you have the right length on either sides of your beads you can either tie off and add your adjustable knot or add a clasp using ribbon cord endings.

Adding the Clasp

To add the ribbon end clasp:

  1. Place the end of your macrame as close to the end of the clasp as you can (you don’t need to tie a knot in this case) and use a pair of pliers to fold one of the edges down
  2. Fold the other side down making sure you have trapped all the cords inside
  3. Cut off any cord endings poking out!

Again there is a video here if you want to see this done properly!

You can add loads of different stuff in the middle or do some spiral macrame and of course you don’t need to add the clasp if you want to do an adjustable knot closing. I love this bracelet and have been wearing it ever since I made it a few days ago. Think I might make a necklace version to go with it.

I hope you liked this tutorial and it has given you some more ideas for making macrame bracelets and jewellery. Any questions let me know!