I have just started the free Developing Your Eye wordpress course for improving my photography. Although I probably won’t post photos of their suggestions everyday the first task was to post something on the topic of Home. So here is where my jewellery collection lives…


This is my set up. This is completely how it is normally and I haven’t tidied it up in any way for the photo (that may be obvious though!). I use just a normal pin board with pins in for my necklaces and some bracelets and have a tree jewellery stand and a little dish for earrings. Most of my bracelets are on a mug tree which is possibly the best £1.99 I have ever spent! I am trying to keep it as uncluttered as possible at the moment which is why it is looking a bit sparse (yes I have recently read Marie Kondo!) so I can actually see what I have and so am more likely to wear it! There is a bit/lot more hidden away though so it probably won’t be long until it is back to its normal mess!

I think a post with some clever ideas for jewellery storage will be added to my list of blog posts to do. The best one I have seen recently is using a cheese grater to hang earrings from! Anyone else have any useful tips?